Rock solid Callshop billing solution

More than 20,000 call shops worldwide have been using our solutions since 2002. Best quality, crystal clear sound and the best prices available on the market have made us a renowned supplier on all continents.

Our solution is completely web-based. There is no need to install or download any software. 20 years of experience, user feedback and continuous development have created the best solution for the call shop and VoIP business.


Some of our most intereresting features


24/7 Live support

Our customers enjoy free live support with Teamviewer, Skype or Live-Chat.


Rate manager

We have developed an easy-to-use and simple rate manager that allows you to set your selling prices and profit margins in one click


Secure website and 3 level login

Your data is protected. A special firewall protects your account from unauthorized access and hackers.



Detailed call quality and profit reports by destination and time period


Available worldwide

Even in VoIP blocking countries and low bandwith regions


Start earning money now

No investment required. Low minimum payments. No fees for credit card payments.


Enter the phone number or country to view the rates:

Rates are without VAT. Our rates are billed per second (1/1).

General questions
We work with VoIP and buy the phone minutes only with the best and cheapest providers worldwide. Over 20 years of experience in the telecommunications industry make us the best and cheapest provider of VoIP telephony
Yes. All our VoIP accounts work with all VoIP devices or VoIP software available on the market.
Yes of course. Depending on the blocking method, we have different solutions to overcome blockages.
  1. Connect network cable, power supply and analogue handset.
  2. After the unit has finished powering up, pick up the handset and dial **** to access the Linksys voice menu. At the voice prompt, dial 110# and you should hear the IP Address of the unit. Go to a web browser and type in the IP Address like so: http://IP_ADDRESS . The administration screen of the Linksys should be displayed.
  3. When registering, you received credentials from the SIP accounts. Enter the received SIP user name in the following 3 fields: Display Name, User ID and Auth ID. Enter the SIP password in the Password field. Select Use Auth ID "yes". In the SIP Server / Proxy field, enter
  4. Thats all. Click Save and your device should register on our server.


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